Marcus and Ellen

Inish Beg Estate,
West Cork

In the quaint and picturesque setting of Schull, West Cork, Marcus and Ellen's wedding day was a testament to love's enduring charm, even as raindrops wove a soft melody against the backdrop of their celebration. The coastal town, known for its serene beauty, became the stage for their love story to unfold, each raindrop a symbol of the new beginnings and cleansing starts.

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The day's commencement at Ellen's coastal home was a flurry of excitement and anticipation. The air was charged with the palpable love and eagerness of friends and family gathered to witness the union of two hearts destined to beat as one. In the local church, a sanctuary of sacred promises, Marcus was visibly moved, a tide of emotion washing over him as Ellen, radiant and composed, made her way down the aisle with her father by her side. The exchange of vows was not just a formality but a deeply personal covenant between Marcus and Ellen, pledging their lives to each other amidst the hushed reverence of those they held dear.

The celebration then transitioned to the breathtaking Inish Beg Estate, a venue that mirrored the natural elegance and adventurous spirit of the couple. It was here, among the laughter and warm conversations of their guests, that Marcus and Ellen shared their first dance. This moment, tender and filled with promise, set the tone for an evening that would long be remembered for its joy, love, and the unbridled celebration of two people embarking on the greatest adventure of all.

Marcus and Ellen's wedding was a beautiful affirmation of their journey together, a day made memorable not only by the vows shared but by the warmth and love of everyone present. To Marcus and Ellen: being a part of your special day was an honor. Here's to a lifetime filled with love, laughter, and countless adventures. Your story, set against the rain-kissed beauty of Schull, is just beginning.

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Wedding Suppliers:

🏩 Inish Beg Estate, West Cork // 📸 John Dolan Photography (@johndolanphotog) //
💄 Maria Coleman MUA // 🥁 The Old Moderns // 🔊 DJ Patrick Ahern Entertainment