Colin and Maeve

Inchydoney Island Hotel & Spa,
West Cork

In the windswept beauty of the Mizen Head peninsula, Colin and Maeve's wedding day unfolded, a narrative deeply rooted in the place they call home. Their love story, much like the landscapes of their youth, was a testament to the beauty of coming home, of roots running as deep as the sea that bordered their lives.

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The day began with a rarity, a bride walking to her wedding, through the streets of Goleen to a quaint church that had witnessed many of their milestones. This walk wasn't just a journey; it was Maeve's tribute to the village that had cradled her childhood, her steps a melody of anticipation and joy. Inside, they exchanged vows in an atmosphere thick with love and the silent promises of a future together.

Post-ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests drifted to the local pier, a place etched with memories of youth and laughter, now the backdrop to a new chapter. It was here, among friends who had grown alongside them, that Colin and Maeve shared moments of unspoken joy, a celebration not just of their union but of the journeys that had brought them here.

The day stretched into evening as they journeyed to Clonakilty, to the embrace of Inchydoney Island Hotel. Mingling with guests, the couple basked in the warmth of shared stories and the anticipation of the night to come. As the sun dipped low, painting the sky in shades of gold, Colin and Maeve stole away for a photoshoot. Captured in golden hour's glow, their love was immortalized against the stunning canvas of sea and sky.

But the night's magic was far from over. Under the soft glow of fairy lights, Maeve's father strummed his guitar, his voice weaving the melody for their first dance. It was a moment suspended in time, a heartfelt gift that transcended words. And then, as the Wildfire band took the stage, the night came alive with music, laughter, and dance, a fitting celebration for a couple whose love was as enduring as the peninsula that had shaped them.

Colin and Maeve's wedding was more than a day; it was a journey back to the heart of their shared past, a celebration of love that was as wild and beautiful as the Mizen Head itself.

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